Author: Ashish Sandhu

How Marketing Funnel Works: Mastering Customer Journey for Sales Success in 2024 and Beyond!

A marketing funnel is a strategic model that illustrates the customer journey from initial awareness to purchase. It represents the stages a potential customer goes through when interacting with a brand’s marketing efforts. The funnel concept highlights the gradual narrowing down of leads as they progress through the stages. What is a Marketing Funnel? Key Components of a Marketing Funnel …

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What is Marketing Myopia? Avoid pitfalls with customer focus. Learn from Kodak, Nokia failures!

Introduction to Marketing Myopia Understanding the Concept Marketing Myopia is a term coined by Theodore Levitt in 1960, focusing on the shortsightedness of some companies in defining their business. This concept highlights how businesses often prioritize their products and services over understanding the needs and demands of their customers. The Role of Customer-Centric Approach Companies that fall victim to marketing …

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